Lean Me


So what if everything we've been taught about diets and losing weight for the past nearly 50 years has been wrong?

Did you ever sit and wonder why more people diet and exercise today than at any other time in history, yet we are bigger and sicker as a result, not leaner and healthier?

Could there actually be a better way to lose weight and become healthy without dieting, counting or controlling calories or restricting our food intake?

The standard weight loss advice in our culture has always revolved around eating less. Counting or restricting our calories has been a staple for weight loss for over four decades now. We've been taught that less we eat the more we lose, and most mainstream diet programs have built their foundations and empires around the philosophy. The fact is this method is not only wrong, its also meatabolically unhealthy.

Counting, controlling or restricting your calories is not only wrong it may actually be the very thing that's holding you back from losing weight and, in fact, may be causing you to gain body fat. Here is one of the many reasons why:

Hoarding Body Fat With inadequate calories your metabolic rate slows to compensate for a perceived bout of starvation. During this period your body will hoard fat to help protect you. This is a genetically programmed starvation response that's instictively built into our DNA as a survival mechanism.


Look, the truth is, you should never have to feel hungry or deprived when trying to lose weight. You should also never have to eliminate food groups in order to lose weight.

So, what if there was actually a way YOU could eat more delicious foods and lose weight healthfully and permanently?

Well now there is with the Lean Me App

  • Never diet again
  • Never count or control your calories again
  • Never feel hungry or deprived while losing weight again
  • Never eliminate any food group(s) again
  • Never worry about staying on track again
  • Never worry about planning healthy meals again
  • Never worry about how to shop for healthy products again

App Features

Lean Me will direct YOU to your desired goal weight based specifically on the nutrients YOUR body needs

Seeing progress is extremely liberating so watch your progress in motion anywhere, any time.

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Meal planning just became easy with our database of hundreds of delicious healthy recipes.

Select your recipes and Lean Me will automatically generate what your need at the store right on your smart phone

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